Sexy cinematic widescreen look and lens flare

Take your smartphone filmmaking to the next level without spending a fortune

Anamorphic lens by Zookyo

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Cinematic video previously only available with professional cameras.

Beautiful flares and cinematic widescreen. It features multi-layer coating technology, aluminum body, lens flare, and the best part, an incredible cinematic look only accessible to +$10,000 cameras and high budget films.

  • Highest quality in the market
  • Universal compatibility. iPhone & Android
  • Free ebook with every purchase

The dream of every filmmaker.

Make films, not videos. Professional footage without having to spend a small fortune on the gear professionals use.


Be a pro!

Shoot on iPhone or Android. With the stock camera app or with Filmic Pro, Mavis... Edit with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Handbreak... We got you covered.

  • Free ebook of anamorphic footage
  • Universal alluminum clip for iPhone or Android
  • Perfect cold aluminum lines, a pleasure to hold



Really cool. I like them and fit perfectly.


One of the best lenses ever built for a smartphone. A game changer!


Very solid and well built! A must have.